The Kombucha fermenting is going exceptionally well with the last batch being very fizzy and tasty.
We are expanding how much we are making and trying some different varieties.

Boiling ten liters of water to make the latest batch of Kombucha.

The scoby was split into two pieces and each will grow again to become a new whole. We will bottle some and do a double fermentation, this time with some fresh ginger.

This time we are making five liters of green tea and five liters of black

Two new batches ready to ferment.
 We found some cheap five-liter glass dispenser jars that are ideal for the kombucha and more effective than the bowl style jar we were using before. The taps will reduce any chance of cross-contamination and are much better suited than using a ladle to get kombucha out of the jar as we have done previously.


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