Creating Mandalas

 Mandalas - Finding Centre 

Greetings! I love art that is shifting. Art that is for a brief moment in time and then gone.

I have always been captivated by artists that comb out pictures on a sandy beach only for the breaking waves to wash it away hours later, by street artists on their knees chalking out some beautiful picture with dusty hands on city pavements. I'm captivated by the painstakingly intricate sand mandalas of Buddhist monks, or by the beautifully sweet Kolams made by the housewives of southern India.
All of these things inspired me to make my own humble mandalas and nature offerings.

Celebrating the whole...

Using  natural ingredients that are found readily and creating a meditation moment these mandalas are an offering back of what is given freely by Mother Nature. Most importantly this mandala art was created with love and thanks, knowing it will return to the elements from which it came. Whether that means being eaten by wildlife, washed away in the rain, blown away by the wind, or even being shared with people by way of celebration or photo.
Taking what nature has graciously given and offering it back with love...

Searching for a moment of clarity...

Devotees cultivating gratitude.

I create mandalas big and small, simple and complex, in town or forest, planned or unplanned whenever the mood takes me and with what is available. I find it to be creative, therapeutic and healing, an offering of love and gratitude, a way of saying thank you.



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