Catch up

  The garden of Gaura Nitai is growing well, the seeds are sprouting en masse. We planted some cress seeds behind the main stone seat and in the front corners of the altar, they sprouted within a day or two. Some of the willows look like they will not grow whilst others look like they are taking root. If they do not grow then I will plant some climbing plants to grow over the trellis to create a similar effect.

This beautiful Hyacintha was a gift from friends on a delightful and unexpected visit, sweet fragrance now grace's Gaura's garden!
   The kombucha was tasty and refreshing. I separated and bottled the gallon that we made last week. Two of the jars got pieces of grapefruit to flavour the kombucha and help add some extra fizz.  I also started a second batch of Kombucha using some of the old and the same recipe as previously. Next time I plan to try out black tea. 

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