Creating An Altar Garden

Gaura Gaura How Does Your Garden Grow?

I had been contemplating building a willow den for our deities for sometime, but was unsure how to incorporate it into our Altar.
When my wife suggested building an Altar garden the lights went on.
This section of the blog will follow the progress of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai’s new garden of Divine Love.

Unfortunately, I did not photograph the construction progress, but built a simple box planter made from scrap wood we had in the garden.

Here is Gaura Nitai  and Giriraj looking happy in their new home.

Willow is a tree that is easy to propagate from cuttings.
Generally it will take root directly in soil as long as the soil remains damp enough.
Willow loves water! With care and plenty of regular pruning the willow will become established.
This structure should grow into a living devotional Kunj.
We planted marigold so as the summer progresses there will be a constant supply of fragrant flowers to offer at the Lotus Feet.

We planted some of the Tulasi seedlings to turn this Garden into a real Vrindavan dham.

On the shelving behind the Altar is Sri Narasimha bursting forth from a crystal pillar.

There is a wide scope for growth, creativity, and beautifying with this Altar.
I hope you will follow our journey as we grow a garden for Gaura!


  1. wow! how does it look now?

    1. Its coming along well! Some of the willow has dried though. Many seeds have sprouted. Will post and update soon.


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